Some things you just can’t do when you get off the cruise ship on your last day, and some things you just need to do to make it easier to get off the ship. First, if you are really enjoying your cruise, and you want to cruise again (on the same cruise line), you will need to book your next cruise. Many cruise lines will allow you to book a “placeholder” cruise with a reduced deposit. They also give you something in return – either reduced cruise fare or on board ship credits, or both. Disney gives you 10% off plus up to $200 in shipboard credits, for just a $250 deposit. If you already know which cruise you want, your deposit may be different. While some cruise lines will give you a short time after your cruise to do this, most will not. Once you leave the ship, that’s it. For Disney, you must book before you leave the ship. The best time to book is early in the cruise, when few people are in line to do it. The day before you leave ship always means a long line. Second, if there are any items in the shops you’ve never seen before, you may never see them off a ship. Buy them if you really want it. Third, be sure to check your shipboard account. It’s best to check it every day or two to keep on top of things. Also, having a credit card on the account will help you on the last day – you won’t have to go to the Customer Service desk, and believe me, on the day before debarkation, those lines are LONG!