The Walt Disney World trip before this one included our 14-month-old Opal who was afraid of the characters. This trip was a special one, because our Opal was three, and everything was new and exciting for her. During this December 2004 trip we all lived “the World” through her eyes. While she doesn’t remember it now (she’s 15 years old as I write this), the rest of us do.

This trip included my husband and me, our children, Skyla who was 13, Nat who was 11, Hannah who was turning 10 during this trip, and Opal who was three. Grandma Soles also came! With the ages of our children, we decided to get three rooms at the All Star Movies resort. The children loved the theme, so it was a wise choice!

This time Opal was not afraid of the characters. She loved them! While waiting to be seated at Chef Mickey’s, Opal peeked around the corner then came jumping over to me to tell me, “I saw Mickey!”

We also got her a “Pal Mickey” that everyone wanted to hold or play with from time to time, including Dad!

For this trip, I made jumpers and skirts for the girls and me. I was able to find some Winnie the Pooh material and classic Mickey material for them. We received a lot of comments about them, to the point that at Chef Mickey’s we were the “family with the Mickey dresses.”

Here are the children at Chef Mickey’s with Goofy. Notice the “classic Mickey” jumpers (I had a skirt to match). And below is the whole gang.

Here are Wayne and Opal.

For Hannah’s 10th birthday, we went to 1900 Park Fare. Nat and Hannah were selected to open the restaurant for dinner! They opened the doors, and then the Fairy godmother herself seated our family.


This is probably my favorite picture from this trip. Right after this picture with Chip, Opal came over to me hugging herself and saying, “He hugged me!”

While the others would be riding the rides she was too little to ride, Opal and I would go do something else. One of her favorite things to do was ride the Tomorrowland Transit Authority People Mover. Here she is with her Pal Mickey.

Naturally, the girls had to wear their Winnie the Pooh jumpers to the Crystal Palace.

Grandma had to be included with the characters, too.

Wayne and Opal on Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin.

And above is Goldie, Nat, and Wayne on Primeval Whirl.