Ever wonder if a Travel Advisor can help you? After all, you can find it all on the internet, right?

While you can find a number of deals on the internet, that may not be all that is available, and sometimes it may not be the best value. Travel Advisors have access to the same prices everyone else does, and using a Travel Advisor doesn’t cost you more. The rate charged is the same, whether you use a Travel Advisor or not.

A Travel Advisor can help you by:

Giving you ideas – Many times you may not even know what to look for.

Advising you on the best vacation for you – From which cruise line and even ship in the line, which hotel, which all-inclusive resort, etc. a Travel Advisor has access to a number of things and can help you know which is right for you.

Making hotel and resort reservations – While this is easily done by you online, a Travel Advisor can many times find you the same price but with some extras you wouldn’t normally get.

Help you with anything travel – The best Travel Advisor will let you know when you are better off making your own arrangements. For example, unless your domestic airfare (and sometimes international) is included in a package, you may find a better deal on your own.

We do our best to help you find the best value. Some things may be worth it to you to pay a little extra to get just what you want. That’s finding you the best value.