Is travel important to children?

I say it is. Travel allows you time to get away from everything that normally pulls you away from your family. It gives you time to spend with each other that you may not be able to do at home.

Travel also allows your children to see how others live, whether across the state or country, or in another country.

We took our three older children to Costa Rica on a missions trip, but they were very young. Our children were aged 5, 3, and almost 2. Our youngest wasn’t born, yet. While there, our oldest learned a lot about how some people lived – no electricity, an oven made out of mud, a well with no running water, out houses, etc. However, she doesn’t remember it now.

My youngest wasn’t out of the country until she was 17 when  I took her on a cruise. She didn’t see much about the culture at the ports we saw, because we weren’t there long enough to do anything to see it.

Most of our vacations were to visit family or to go to Walt Disney World. While Walt Disney World was something all the children enjoyed, I wish we had done some other things, too.

Our two oldest daughters did go out of the country again later, on their own, but it sure is fun when you can teach your children as you travel.

Take the time to make memories with your family through travel.