You wouldn’t believe the comments we get about “another Walt Disney World Trip.” Friends can’t get over the number of times we’ve gone there – even though we’d go more if we could. Why? Because there is literally something for everyone in our family from Grandparents all the way down to the youngest member of the family.

Yes, our family has loved going to Walt Disney World. This time wasn’t any different. It was November 2005. Skyla was 14, Nat was 12, Hannah was about to turn 11, and Opal was 4. Along with our children, and Wayne and me, was Grandma Soles again. She has been with us every trip, except the one with my extended family.

Sometimes I wonder who had more fun with the characters, the children, my husband, or my mother-in-law.

The best way to see the characters, in my opinion, is to go to a character meal. This way you are guaranteed to see the characters, since they will come to your table. Waiting for them makes it easier when you have something on your plate to eat. It sure beats waiting in those long lines. We’ve also found that the characters will interact with you more at the meals.

Opal still had the excitement she did the time before, but it wasn’t as new and fresh as it was the year before. However, we still enjoyed a lot of her view on the fun.

When you have three girls, there are going to be pictures with the princesses. I’m glad my son was a good sport about it. Here are the children with Princess Aurora.

The Tomorrowland Speedway is another favorite. Above you’ll see Opal driving for the first time!

Skyla is Nat’s passenger.

Wayne and Nat decided to ride Kali River Rapids. Yes, they did get wet!

Hannah’s at the wheel here!

A Look From Primeval Whirl

Here’s what it looks like while riding Primeval Whirl at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. It was a bit difficult for my husband to film this, because the ride is rather rough. While on the ride, Wayne lost his hat, and you’ll hear Nat asking about “where did it go?” Well, that hat was lost. You will hear some laughter, some giggling, some “whoa’s” and some groans along with the talking. Enjoy!

Mad Tea Party

Yes, our Opal, at 4-years-old, enjoyed spinning that tea cup as best she could. Notice that smile! You’ll also see Skyla and Nat in a tea cup, and Grandma Soles with Hannah in another one. This is a favorite!