In November 1999, we had three children to take to Walt Disney World. Skyla was 8, Nat was 6, Hannah was a few weeks from turning 5, and I was expecting our fourth child (so you know, when you see our next trip was missing this child, we lost this baby). This trip also included my husband’s family: his mother and his brother and his wife. We arrived a few days before the others, and since my parents were already in Florida (to get away from the cold north winter), they came to visit the “World” with us.

This trip we stayed at the Contemporary. It sure was great to just hop on the monorail (or take a quick walk) over to the Magic Kingdom!
The thing that stood out in this trip was the excitement of our children. They were so excited to be there they couldn’t even eat. The first night there, they told us they were very hungry, so we got them each their own Mickey-shaped pizza. I’m sure two bites was the most any of them ate of that thing. We went to Crystal Palace for dinner with my parents the next day, and they still couldn’t eat. I finally talked my son into a peanut butter sandwich. My dad laughed and laughed about that “$10 peanut butter sandwich.” Yes, back then it only cost $9.99 for a child’s buffet. They did start eating again, but they always ate fast so they could get going to the next exciting thing.

We went to Fort Wilderness so the children could go on the pony ride. Here’s Hannah with her Aunt Sherri leading the pony.
Below is Nat with Wayne and Skyla with the great big smile. You can’t tell she LOVES horses, can you?

Here are my parents with our children. Hannah loved those Winnie the Pooh sunglasses!

Here’s the family without me (I’m taking the picture).

Who's the real Dopey?

That’s what these brothers argued about!