In January 2002 we went to Walt Disney World with my extended family (my parents, three of my four siblings and their families). Our four children were with us. The youngest was 3 months old. So, here are some tips from me when you are at Walt Disney World with a baby.

I was nursing my baby, so it wasn’t easy to “hand her off” to have someone feed her. I did feed her a few times in an attraction. It was easy to do on attractions you sit in for a long time, like the Hall of Presidents. I even did it on the Universe of Energy ride. It’s dark, so no one notices. People are so excited about heading to the next thing, that I was able to sit down and cover myself with a blanket anywhere. They probably thought I was keeping her out of the sun, if they even noticed I was sitting there.

The only time I was upset about having to feed Opal was when everyone went to the Backlot Tour. I was ok with it, until I heard that four members of my family were chosen to be the “actors.” I missed
the whole thing!

The baby centers are a good place to go if you want to get away from all the noise, but you can’t take a stroller in with you. That can make things difficult if you have a large bag and your baby to carry. It was nice, though, on the cold rainy day we were there.

I recommend that dad take a turn sitting out of going on a ride or an attraction. If it was time to feed Opal, I had to sit out, otherwise, he could take a turn. This trip was great, though, since I don’t live near my family, so they all wanted to hold her from time to time. That gave me a little extra freedom.

Be sure you carry enough diapers and at least one change of clothes. Having a light weight blanket (and some days a heavier one) will also be good to carry. We also took along a “rain tent” for the stroller. It was clear and slid right over the stroller. We could see her, and the only things on the stroller that got wet were the handle and the wheels! You never know if it will rain or not. Be prepared, because a wet stroller will take forever to dry!

If you are nursing, make sure Mom drinks plenty of water. She may forget, so remind her. You can get a free cupĀ and ice from any of the stands that have cups. You will then be able to fill it up at the drinking fountain.

By the way, a baby can be a great character magnet. They loved coming up to Opal and patting her head. Then they would beg to have their picture taken with her.

The cast members will also help you out if they see you struggling. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, too. As long as it’s within their power, they will do what they can to help.

I was also blessed with a baby who didn’t cry a lot. If she needed something, she’d cry to let us know, but she would stop as soon as we picked her up, because she knew her need would be met soon. On our last day there, as we were getting ready to get on the monorail to head to our hotel, Opal started to cry. My brother-in-law, Eric, said, “That’s the first time I’ve heard her cry all week.” He was probably right. It was like she knew she was at the “Happiest Place on Earth!”