I have a rather long list, and really, as long as I’m on a cruise ship – who cares where it’s going?

Mississippi River

Panama Canal


New England/Canada Fall Foliage



Baltic Sea and Iceland


Around the World

As I said before, while I would really like to do the above cruises, I really just like being on the water. I enjoy watching the water. I’ve been known to sit on the balcony or on the pool deck with a book and reading for a while, then staring at the water for a while.

I also enjoy the ship and activities on the ship and visiting different countries on the itinerary.

Being an introvert, you’d think I wouldn’t enjoy meeting other people, but I do. If I end up at a table with someone else, I want to make sure I know their name and where they’re from as well as any other information they wish to share. I’ve kept in touch with a few of them, too!

If you have a wish list, let me know and we’ll see if we can chisel away at it.