Cruising has gotten a black eye when it comes to the COVID-19 virus. Is this fair? I don’t believe so. While some people have gotten the virus while on a cruise ship, that doesn’t mean the majority of people got it that way. I would venture to say that airlines contributed much more.

Anyway, would people take a cruise now? Well, a recent survey of people who have cruised within the past year, 58% said they would hop on a ship right now.

What does this tell me? It tells me that those who know cruising understand being on a cruise ship doesn’t make your chances of contracting the virus any higher than anything else. They know how well cruise lines work to keep germs and the spread of disease at a minimum (nothing can be 100%, unless you live in a bubble).

If you are interested in reading the article:

I can’t wait to get on a ship! Happy cruising!