I am writing a blog about travel, and mainly Disney travel, because I’ve had questions about places we were getting ready to go to, or do something new, and I had no clue. There are things I wanted to know before I went, so we would be sure to get the most out of our vacation.

Since we have four children, we’ve had a number of experiences with travelling with children – both young and old. I want my children to enjoy their vacations and not get frustrated or confused. If my husband and I know where to go and get things planned out, things will go a lot smoother. Yes, things can go wrong, but planning minimizes that. Now that our children are older, we get to do a number of trips without children now!

For example, I wanted to know the time I should schedule to arrive at the port when I’m getting ready to head out on a Disney Cruise. I kept searching, but the only answer I found was to get an early time – as early as you can. Ok, so I did, but we ended up waiting for quite a while at the port, because we got the first scheduled time. I didn’t know boarding wouldn’t start for another hour and a half to two hours! Not so fun. So, I wrote a blog about scheduling your arrival time, why, and when to actually get to the port. You can read about it here:



Port Canaveral: https://solesfam.com/leaving-port-canaveral-on-the-disney-dream/

Galveston: https://solesfam.com/leaving-the-port-of-galveston-disney-cruise/

That is just one of the things I wrote about because I finally had some answers. I want you to have answers, too. So, if you have a question about an upcoming trip (or one you hope to take), just ask! You can post a comment or you can send me an email (see the Contact Box on our home page). I’ll be sure to answer your question when I can, and if you had the question, someone else probably does, too, so I’ll post on the blog about it.

And if you need help booking your dream vacation, let me know. I’ll help you find the best value for you. I’ll also through in an appropriate gift to help you enjoy your trip more.