After I left my corporate job to become a homemaker (and eventually a mother to four children), I still had my hands in planning vacations not just for our family, but for large trips that included my parents and siblings (with their families), and my husband’s family.

One day I decided it was time to do something about it, so here I am.

Our favorite family trips when the children were younger was Walt Disney World. Now that the children are all older (the youngest is a senior in high school), my new favorite vacation (one of my husband’s favorites, too) is a cruise.

I remember recently a friend mentioned he was going on a cruise. Someone asked where it was going and he didn’t know off hand. I just said, “Who cares where it’s going? It’s going!” I don’t care where the ship is going, I just want to be on the ship!

But I still love working with others to find the perfect trip, tour, cruise, etc.