Another day at sea!

This was our last full day on the ship. It was also the last breakfast we had in Cabanas where I could get my corned beef has and grilled tomatoes.

It was our last day to sit on the pool deck and finish reading any of the books on our Kindle app that we were reading. I enjoyed looking out over the water. It was such a nice day with a great breeze.

It was a bit of a slow (and a bit sad) day as we would walk around the ship to get a little exercise, read a bit, have lunch, etc. We knew we would be getting off the ship in the morning. We had already booked our placeholder for another cruise, so we didn’t even have that task to look forward to doing. It’s best not to wait until the last day, anyway. It can get a bit busy.

We went to see “Dreams,” the show for that night. I wasn’t as impressed with that as I was with “Frozen.” I don’t think I’d go see it again, but I’m sure some people really like it.

After dinner, we had a little time to make sure everything was packed up and our suitcases we wanted taken were put out. We then went to one last movie and then to bed.

To be continued…