Another day at sea!!!!! I love days at sea. You feel the breeze off the water and just relax all day.

Today, after breakfast, we went to the main lobby to look at the Christmas decorations. This was a holiday cruise. Santa was in the lobby greeting children, too. We also decided to look through the ship’s shops – you never know when you might find something. Some things can’t be found anywhere else except on the ship. Then more time reading and relaxing on the pool deck. I know, we probably sound boring.

After lunch, we decided to go to the matinee performance of the then brand new theater show, only on the Disney Wonder, “Frozen.” I don’t know why we thought it would be better to go to that showing, because it was very crowded. We were able to get our “usual” seat. While we were there, one of our dinner table mates came in. We had one seat left next to us, so she asked if she could join us. Well, yes!

While I am not a big fan of the movie (I know, I may be in the minority), I really enjoyed the live show. The effects were great. While the story line wasn’t different (I didn’t expect it to be) I could enjoy everything else about the show. I was impressed.

Later that afternoon, after some more relax and reading time, we went to the movie theater to watch a movie. The movie was overlapped the time of the regular show time of “Frozen.” We decided that since we already saw it, there was no need to go again. Our table mate who sat with us went with her husband to that showing and the both enjoyed it. As a matter of fact, everyone we talked to who went, enjoyed it. So, be sure you don’t miss it if you are ever on the Disney Wonder.

Then it was time for dinner again. Tomorrow would be our last full day on the ship (how sad). And it is another day at sea!

To be continued…