There was nothing more relaxing than spending a day at sea. You didn’t have to worry about if you wanted to get off the ship or not, because you weren’t getting off.

We had our typical breakfast at the buffet. It was delicious as it has been each day.

We spent time relaxing on our balcony by watching the water and reading. It was a rather dreary day – cloudy and rainy from time to time. But since I didn’t care if I went to the pool or not, the weather didn’t bother me much. It would have been better to have a nice sunny day, but when you’re set to relax anyway, it’s not that big a deal.

We took time to see a movie, we walked around the ship, had a wonderful lunch, sat on the pool deck. and we went to an afternoon show. Taylor Mason, a ventriloquist, who also did the night time entertainment in one of the adult venues, did the afternoon show. It was so fun! We laughed until we were crying. If you ever have the chance to see this family-friendly comedian, do so!

Before dinner, in our state room were “tickets” with the suggested gratuity on them, along with envelopes. We put them inside the appropriate envelope and then added some cash. We loved our servers and our state room attendant. We left our state room attendant’s where he could see it (on our bed) and then took the others with us to give to the server, assistant server, and head server. As we left, we put our suitcases out for them to pick up so we could get them after we left the ship the next morning. Yes, we did keep a bag so we would be able to put in the rest of our items in the morning.

It was our last dinner on board. We talked a long time that night with the sisters. It was very late by the time we finished up, and we knew we had to get up early the next morning for breakfast and debarkation, so we went to our state room. We went out on the balcony again, because it was so relaxing. Then we got ready for another good night’s sleep.

To be continued…